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  • Campers Today, International Leaders Tomorrow

    Posted February 2, 2018

    Sending your kids to summer camp can be a long and exhausting process, especially for first-time parents. However, a significant benefit that is often overlooked is the ‘international community’ at some camps.

    There are a few ways your child can experience different cultural backgrounds and even languages. International family trips are a blast, and while most schools are restricted to a geographical region, some boast an amazing cultural experience with a wide variety of students. Did you know that summer camps can do this too?

    Camp can bring people together from all over the globe. Many camps, especially residential camps, have a wealth of campers from around the world from the far reaches of Russia and China, to campers from the Europe and the Southern Hemisphere. Can you imagine your camper having an amazing camp experience surrounded by other campers all over the world?

    International campers not only come to camp to develop their English, but also to learn about the American people, their culture, their beliefs, and way of life. It is amazing to see how much international campers grow in their summer camp, but it is just as incredible to see how this is a two-way street; campers from the United States can learn just as much from their international counterparts.

    Sending your son/daughter to a camp with such an international community will help them develop a superior understanding of other beliefs, customs, and backgrounds compared to their peers. Campers are always eager to learn more about other cultures and languages. With knowledge also comes acceptance, allowing your child to broaden their cultural horizons. And how cool is it that your child will come home knowing campers from around the world? A vacation to Europe will have to include extra stops along the way to see your camper’s new friends.

    Many camps also employ a very diverse staff consisting of counsellors from all over the world who are fluent in many languages and bring their own unique experiences and culture to summer camp.

    Camp is a melting pot of communities and there is no better place to prepare your child for the future in this forever growing globalized world.

    Alex Rawlinson

    Assistant Director, Camp Awosting

    About the Author

    Alex Rawlinson is the Assistant Director or Camp Awosting. Alex has a Bachelors degree in International Business, graduating with honors from Leeds Business School in England. He has shown his passion for camp through his work at international staff recruitment partner Camp America in London and Sydney before joining Camp Awosting full time Alex is a camp staff recruiting specialist with a focus on camper safety. Alex prides himself on developing lasting connections with parents, staff and campers.