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Life at Chinqueka is informal and friendly. What else would you expect from a family which has been raised at summer camp? Campers stay in cabins with girls their own age. Two counselors live in each cabin with the campers. All of our cabins are wood sided with screened windows, carpeted and have toilets and sinks. Campers shower in one of the central and private shower houses.

Over thirty activity areas are spread out on the Chinqueka campus and campers are encouraged to try everything. This includes swimming, canoeing, sailing, dance and go-karts. We also have a climbing tower and zip line, martial arts, fencing, photography, video production, ceramics, music and drama. And don’t forget about basketball, softball, soccer, volleyball, and gymnastics. Waterskiing and wakeboarding are available for girls, but are located at our boys camp, Camp Awosting.

Meals are kid-friendly and nutritious. We eat family style in Chinqueka’s spacious dining hall. Counselors dine with and supervise the campers at each meal. In addition, we have special theme buffet dinners throughout the summer, many with our brother camp, Awosting.

While this program varies from day to day, the following is a general schedule of a typical day:

Time Activity
7:30 Reveille (wake-up)
7:50 Flag Raising
8:00 Breakfast
8:45 Camp Clean-Up Squads
9:00 Cabin Clean-up
9:30 First Morning Activity Period (one morning activity is always a swimming or boating lesson)
10:20 Second Morning Activity Period
11:10 Third Morning Activity Period
12:00 Free Time (write a letter home or play in a ping-pong tournament)
12:30 Lunch
1:15 Elective Signups (campers pick any two activities for the afternoon)
1:30 Rest Period
2:30 Canteen
3:00 First Afternoon Elective Activity Period
4:00 Second Afternoon Elective Activity Period
5:00 Free Time
5:50 Flag Lowering
6:00 Dinner
7:00 Evening Program (capture the flag, socials, campfires and more)
8:30 Campers report to cabins
9:00 Taps & Lights out

The upper cabins are permitted “late privileges” on certain nights, determined by the day’s activities and the discretion of the cabin counselor.

Tutoring in any elementary or high school subject is available at standard professional rates, and may be arranged upon request. In addition, tutoring in ESL (English as a Second Language) is available for our many international campers.