Field Sports | Gymnastics| Martial Arts | Tennis | Archery | Fencing | Mountain Biking

Instruction by sports specialist counselors promote skill building and teamwork. On weekends, track and field meets are held and the three camp tribal teams compete against one another in the three age groups. Among the structured sports at Chinqueka, the following are fit into the campers’ scheduled activities:

Field Sports

Softball, Basketball, Volleyball & Soccer The various sports fields on Chinqueka’s campus are always full of action. Team games are held in the afternoon in each age group. Additionally, various special games are planned throughout the summer. On many evenings, campers gather for a quick pick-up game or just to play some two-on-two basketball. Volleyball games against the boys of Camp Awosting are also scheduled each summer.


The gymnastics program offers campers an opportunity to fine-tune their skills on the uneven bars, mat, minitramp, and the vault. Gymnastics shows are held each summer, allowing campers to show off their new routines. The staff of gymnasts at camp have varied backgrounds and excellent training, making this activity one of the most popular around camp.

Martial Arts

Our martial arts program varies from year to year, depending upon the counselor’s qualifications. Whether it be karate, tae kwon do, or judo, instruction is offered for those campers with interest. Light contact competitions are also held between those campers with the proper training.


Future U.S. Open champions can be seen daily on Chinqueka’s tennis courts. Daily instruction from our tennis specialist counselors is offered each morning. Afternoons heat up as campers compete in tribal tennis tournaments, camp-wide tennis ladders, and coed matches with the boys from Camp Awosting. Additionally, campers may sign up in the afternoon elective periods to practice their skills and receive additional instruction.


Robin Hood where are you? Become a skilled archer this summer. Camp Chinqueka’s archery range is the best place for girls to become sharpshooters. Morning instruction teaches campers the skills they need and the safety required to be a top-notch archer. Practicing daily pays off when the girls compete against the boys of Camp Awosting in one of the many summer exchanges.


Are you ready for a duel? Fencing instruction and tournaments are held weekly in epee’. Even campers without any prior knowledge of fencing can become quite skilled in the sport with just a few lessons.

Mountain Biking

Another recent addition to Chinqueka’s programs, mountain biking has quickly become one of the most popular activities at camp. Trek through the wooded trails at Camp Chinqueka if you are a beginner – or make your own course in the more advanced biking sessions. Cannondale bikes are provided, but you are welcome to bring your own cycle (storage will be provided). Come bike the forests of the Litchfield hills – there are over 1,000 acres just waiting for you!