“Our daughters have been home from camp for nearly 3 months now and they STILL can’t stop talking about how much fun they had last summer at Chinqueka! The only thing they regret about camp is not signing up for longer.”

“It is very apparent that your family has been doing this for a long time. Everything about Chinqueka highlights your experience and skills as camp owners/directors – from hiring loving, friendly and mature staff to knowing exactly how to care for our daughter. Simply put – her first summer at your camp was magical!”

“Going to Chinqueka as a girl 20 years ago, I made friends that I keep in touch with even today and still think fondly on my time on Mt. Tom Pond. When my daughter turned 7 and I wanted to send her to camp, there was no reason to look anywhere else. The Chinqueka tradition will live on for many more generations in our family. Sending her to your camp is like coming home again.”

“Do you offer any sessions for adults? If my daughter had half of the fun that she says she had, it would be better than any vacation I’ve taken in the last 15 years!”